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Danubia Adria Scociety on Experimental Methods

Rudolf Beer Lecture

Prof. Rudolf Beer was one of the founders of the Danubia Adria Society (DAS). In order to remember his role as “Spiritus Rector” of the DAS, an oral lecture from an Austrian participant is announced as the „Rudolf Beer Lecture“ at every Danubia Adria Symposium. The starting slide of these named lectures contains a photo of Prof. Rudolf Beer and the following text:

YearLocationLecturerLecture Title
2021Linz, AustriaProf. Josef Eberhardsteiner Reinforced Concrete Hinges: Laboratory Testing, Finite Element Analysis, Design Recommendations
2022Poros, GreeceDr. Luis Zelaya-LainezMicromechanics of Non-embedded Spruce Wood: Novel Polishing and Indentation Protocol